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Auger Torque Loading Ramps have long set the standard by which other ramps are judged.

With carrying capacities ranging from 1.5 to 8 tonnes, our ramps are over-engineered to ensure they can safely accept steel or rubber tracks and pneumatic tyres. This means you no longer need to have individual ramps to cope with various means of traction. One set of Auger Torque Loading Ramps does it all.

We use only the highest grade alloy & unlike other companies we don’t skimp on quality to bring you low cost products so when other ramps start to wear ours will still be going strong.

All our ramps incorporate a design feature that prevents bottoming out when loading or unloading and & all ramps are supplied with forged locking pins to ensure safe and secure attachment to the loading plate.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions, best ramps on the market